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JPEG How does JPEG work?

We meet three times a year - many organisations and standards bodies offer to host our meetings, and in general we try and meet once in North America, once in Asia and once in Europe each year. Cities we have visited recently include Seoul, Shanghai, Boston, Genoa, Sydney, Stockholm, Singapore, New Orleans, and many others. Normally, we have between 50 and 100 people attend each meeting, depending on topic and location.

Weoften meet jointly with the JBIG committee, who deal with standards for bi-level image coding, for example for document processing and display systems. This means we need at least 4 or 5 seminar rooms, which need LCD projectors and network facilities - normally wireless. We have worked electronically for many years, and everyone will bring their own laptop. Documents are distributed via the web site - we have some 5000+ on-line, including an extensive our 'historical archive' repository.

A typical JPEG meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. on the Monday, with a plenary meeting. This allows new members to introduce themselves, and sets the meeting schedules for the week. We then split to a number of ad-hoc groups, typically dealing with individual standards (at present, parts of the JPEG 2000 standard). About Wednesday, we get back together for another Plenary, where we typically take joint submissions and discuss the weeks progress and problems. More ad-hoc work takes place, before a final Plenary which aims to finish early afternoon on the Friday in time for flights home for those who are trying to get away.

Membership of the committee is open to nominated representatives of each national standards body (NSB), each of whom nominates a Head of Delegation.These also meet together to achieve some rough concensus during the week, and to discuss and deal with significant issues affecting the committee. The meeting is chaired by the JPEGConvenor - currently Dr Daniel Lee, of eBay. As well as attending via an NSB, some members have 'liaison' status through a variety of organisations. Those at present proposed or agreed include:

- I3A
- W3C

As well as the right to attend meetings, members of these bodies can also receive JPEG documents. There is a lot more information and formal detail on the web site of our parent committee, ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC29.

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