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JPEG 2000 Motion JPEG 2000 (Part 3)
Part 3 defines a file format called MJ2 (or MJP2) for motion sequences of JPEG 2000 images. Support for associated audiois also included.

MJ2 does not involve inter-frame coding: each frame is coded independently using JPEG 2000.Expected applications include:

  • storing video clips taken using digital still cameras
  • high-quality frame-based video recording and editing
  • digital cinema
  • medical and satellite imagery

MJ2, originally defined in ISO/IEC 15444-3:2002 as a standalone document, has now been expressedby ISO/IEC 15444-3:2002/Amd 2:2003 in terms of the ISO Base format, ISO/IEC 15444-12.

Part3 became an International Standard (ISO/IEC 15444-3) in November 2001.

It is currently available for download from ITU-T as their Recommendation T.802.

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