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Question: What is the patent situation with JBIG?

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What is the patent situation with JBIG?

There is a difference between the (patented) arithmetic coders used in JBIG and the later JBIG2 standards. JBIG uses the QM-Coder and JBIG2 uses MQ-Coder. They are not technically the same. It is believed that patents for the QM-Coder are owned by three organaizations (IBM, Mitsubishi, and Lucent) and patents for the MQ-Coder are owned by two organizations (IBM and Mitsubishi) .

Free licenses should be available for MQ-Coder (used in JBIG2 and JPEG2000) although a license should still be requested, but one-time payments to three organizations are necessary for QM-Coder (used in JBIG and JPEG-Arithmetic). At one stage these were of the order of a single one time license fee of 5000 US$, but the relevant companies should be contacted for their current pricing. If these have changed substantially, we would appreciate it if you could inform the webmaster so that the site can be updated accordingly.

Our understanding is that the license conditions of these coders are limited to the case where products are fully compatible to the standards. However, if it looks like you are within the academic sector and if you implement the coder for purely academic purposes (not for commercial use), you may be able to get free licenses.

The latest contact information that we have for JBIG patent information is:

Mr. Al Torressen
Office of the Director of Licensing
Intellectual Property & Licensing
500 Columbus Avenue
Thornwood, New York
(FAX:+1-914-742-6720 )

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
IP Licensing Dept.
Tel: +81 3 3218 3465
Fax: +81 3 3218 2474

Lucent Technologies
Mr. James Finnegan
Mr. Daniel Piotrowski

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